COVID-19 operation procedures for CDCM shared experimental facilities


  1. Maintain social distance. Only one person is allowed to operate each facility. All facilities are under 24 hours surveillance.
  2. When booking your reservation, watch the reservation of other nearby facilities. Avoid booking these facilities at the same time. The location of each facility can be found here
  3. Disinfect the surfaces before and after the operation, including the table, light switches, instrument, computer accessories, and doorknobs, which are possibly touched. EPA-registered disinfectant and paper towels will be supplied by CDCM facilities, which are located near the entrance or workstation (marked by blue tape). Contact us if you cannot find them.
  4. Do not book the same facility consecutively. Allow time in between for disinfection.
  5. Do not use the facility if you have COVID-19, think you have it, or have related symptoms. Check your temperature before coming to the facilities. Perform daily assessment at .
  6. Use the sign-in/sign-out sheet on the door when entering/exiting the facility no matter if you have the reservation.
  7. Wear a mask and gloves to enter the facility. Wear a mask within the facility whenever there is a chance to encounter another person.
  8. Wash or sanitize hands frequently. Avoid touching your face even with gloves on. CDCM facilities will supply hand sanitizer (liquid spray containing 80% Ethyl alcohol) within the facilities.
  9. Limited PPE including masks and gloves will be distributed to users upon request based on the booking frequency. Reuse PPE whenever possible. You may request from here Note the PPE is subject to availability.
  10. More details on how to protect yourself can be found on CDC’s website

Additional guidance from UT:

      This Phase includes a soft opening on Tuesday, May 26 to restart equipment and prepare your labs for full-scale experiments on Monday, June 1. You and your researchers should familiarize yourself with the university guidance that is found on the VPR website at .  This resource is maintained by the VPR and can be expected to have the most current guidelines and policies. 

      Each researcher returning to campus must perform a daily symptom assessment.  Before coming to campus each day the researchers shall complete the online health assessment report at this link .  CSE will receive an automated report for any researcher that reports they have symptoms articulated in the toolkit and we will subsequently contact you by email.