Prior MRSEC 2017-2023

The Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials seeks to extend the traditional paradigm of materials research beyond the study of behavior in or near equilibrium to encompass the understanding and control of materials over extended temporal and spatial scales. The Center supports research on nanocomposite materials that combine inorganic and organic components, with applications in energy storage and filtration membranes, and on approaches for exploiting light to achieve dynamic, quantum control of materials. 

The Center was established in September 2017. The 2017-2023 award supported two Interdisciplinary Research Groups:


Along with the two IRGs, Center incorporated Seed Projects that enable the Center to engage new faculty members and provide flexibility to incorporate emerging, potentially transformative research directions. Broad participation, including junior faculty members and small, interdisciplinary teams engaged in emerging areas of research, are emphasized. The 2017-2023 award funded eight Seed Projects: