CDCM Seed Projects enable the Center to engage new faculty members and provide flexibility to incorporate emerging, potentially transformative research directions. Broad participation, including junior faculty members and small, interdisciplinary teams engaged in emerging areas of research, are emphasized. Open calls for seed project proposals will be issued annually. 

Measuring and Controlling Spin in Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling Low-Dimensional Materials - Incorvia

Expanding the Materials Scope for Light-Based 3D Printing - Page

Correlated Electrons in Rotationally Controlled van der Waals Heterostructures - Tutuc

3D Epitaxial Printing - Bank

Universal Chemometrics Living and Non-living Materials - Ellington

Spatio-temporal Control of Quantum Topology and Correlations - Potter 

Tracking Spin-Entangled Excitons Produced by Singlet Fission - Roberts

Artificial bilayer tissue-like materials - Kumar