Recommended Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th grades 

The Challenge: Create a lava lamp using oil and water. To create the lava lamp effect, you will learn how a chemical reaction generates the lava lamp effect. You can use items such as alka-seltzer tablets, oil, water, a glass jar, and a flashlight to design your own custom lava lamp. Items like food coloring and glitter can be used to give your lava lamp a unique touch. At the end, you can shine a flashlight into the lava lamp to fully enjoy watching the colored water and oil! Can you figure out the science behind the lava lamp? Key questions to think about: Why don't the oil and water mix? What happens when you drop in the alka seltzer tablet? Why does the mixture start bubbling?

Video your creation and share on Flipgrid.

Recommended Materials: Glass jar, napkins, alka-seltzer tablets, cooking oil, water, and food coloring

Watch the video below for an introduction and an overview of the supplies: