Discovery Hybrid Rheometer


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The Discovery Series Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) combines a patented advanced drag cup motor, a second generation magnetic bearing, force rebalance transducer (FRT), and the new patent-pending True Position Sensor (TPS) in a single-head Hybrid rheometer. The DHR has unprecedented performance specification and delivers unsurpassed direct strain control, direct stress control, and normal force measurement accuracy. The DHR features all popular TA innovations including patented Smart SwapTM geometries and the widest range of Smart Swap temperature systems and accessories commercially available. The result is the most advanced, versatile rheometer platform imaginable.

The HR-2 is an outstanding general-purpose rheometer for a wide range of analytical, research, and production uses. With performance characteristics suitable for the most demanding measurements and a proven track record of reliability, the HR-2 is at home anywhere a rheometer is needed, from around-the-clock production control to cutting-edge research.



Specification HR-2
Bearing Type, Thrust Magnetic
Bearing Type, Radial Porous Carbon
Motor Design Drag Cup
Minimum Torque (nN.m) Oscillation 2
Minimum Torque (nN.m) Steady Shear 10
Maximum Torque (mN.m) 200
Torque Resolution (nN.m) 0.1
Minimum Frequency (Hz) 1.00E-07
Maximum Frequency (Hz) 100
Minimum Angular Velocity (rad/s) 0
Maximum Angular Velocity (rad/s) 300
Displacement Transducer Optical encoder
Optical Encoder Dual Reader N/A
Displacement Resolution (nrad) 10
Step Time, Strain  (ms) 15
Step Time, Rate  (ms) 5
Normal/Axial Force Transducer FRT
Maximum Normal Force (N) 50
Normal Force Sensitivity (N) 0.005
Normal Force Resolution (mN) 0.5

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