Peer Mentoring Program

Join the MRSEC Peer Mentoring Program! This program is a wonderful way to connect with other students in the MRSEC. You will be a part of a mentoring pod with other MRSEC students who can give you advice on graduate school, research, life in Austin, or whatever else you need! These mentoring pods can bring you valuable connections, new friends, and lots of fun! Be on the lookout for information on the Peer Mentoring Kickoff event happening this fall!

DEI Goals/Focus

Our goal for 2022 - 2023 is to reimagine community in the wake of COVID. How can we continue to support each other as we transition out of virtual spaces? How do we ensure that we are fostering an inclusive environment within the MRSEC? Be on the lookout for events this year so that you can join us in answering these questions and developing an even stronger sense of community and inclusion within our MRSEC. 

DEI Corner

You can find updated DEI-related information each week in the MRSEC weekly newsletter’s DEI Corner! Here’s what to look out for:

dei corner