Graphic illustrating IRG 1 research thrusts

IRG 1, Reconfigurable Porous Nanoparticle Networks, addresses multifunctional, reconfigurable networks of nanoparticles, polymers, and organic molecules that respond to a range of external stimuli. Fundamental principles are elucidated for understanding and controlling the assembly and reconfiguration of nanoparticles connected by molecular linkers, with theoretical and experimental efforts combining to create unique optical, chemical, or biological materials functionality. Research advances in this IRG are expected to enable responsive, reconfigurable materials based on integration of nanoparticles and macromolecules for applications in electronics, energy storage, photonics, and biology.

Eric Anslyn | Chemistry (IRG 1 Co-Leader)

Roger Bonnecaze | Chemical Engineering

Andrew Ellington | Molecular Biosciences

Benny Freeman | Chemical Engineering

Venkat Ganesan | Chemical Engineering

Rui Huang | Aerospace & Engineering Mechanics

Benjamin Keitz | Chemical Engineering

Brian Korgel | Chemical Engineering

Kenneth Liechti | Aerospace & Engineering Mechanics

Nathaniel Lynd | Chemical Engineering

Delia Milliron | Chemical Engineering (IRG 1 Co-Leader)

Adrianne Rosales | Chemical Engineering

Thomas Truskett | Chemical Engineering