Laser safety policies and procedures

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This is not a complete guide of laser safety and is intended to serve as a guide for the safe use of the CDCM laser facility. More laser safety information can be found on We strive to make a safe working environment. All personnel who works in this facility should be in compliance with federal and state laws, university regulations, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) requirements, and CDCM shared experimental facilities policies.

Any violation of laser safety policies will result in an immediate suspension of access to CDCM laser facility for one month or longer.

Cameras may be installed inside the laser curtain to ensure safety procedures are followed rigorously.

Access to the laser facility

Laser operation (Standard operating procedures are attached at the end)

  • On-site training will be given for first-time users who will operate the lasers. You are not allowed to operate the lasers independently without approval by the trainer or facility manager.
  • The laser sign should be on whenever the laser is operating.
  • Wearing a laser safety eyewear is mandatory for all users to enter the curtain enclosed zone when the laser sign is on. Multiple wavelengths could be present simultaneously. Choose appropriate eyewear based on the running wavelengths. The eyewear selection guide is posted next to the eyewear behind the entrance door. A copy of this guide as well as laser parameters and OD requirements are attached at the end.
  • The operating laser wavelength should always be written on the LED board located near the entrance door. Wipe off the board and turn off the laser sign when you finish using the lasers. If another laser is still running, only wipe off the laser wavelength you were using.
  • Laser should be turned off or blocked when not in use. Make sure that all possible beam exit ports are securely blocked.
  • Users are not allowed to make changes to the laser settings and optical beam paths without permission. Fine adjustments to collection optics are permitted and expected.
  • If beam path alignment is necessary, set the laser power to the lowest setting. Work with facility managers and authorized users to make modifications. Do not remove or move optics before the upstream beam is blocked. All changes to the beam paths MUST be reported to the facility manager.
  • NEVER position yourself where your eyes at the same height with the laser beam. NEVER look into the laser beam even when the laser is off.
  • After the on-site training, you are required to sign the standard operating procedure in order to gain access to the facilities. Don't sign if you don't understand the content.


  • Chemical use should be minimized and limited to cleaning solutions.
  • Do not leave the laser unattended. If you are taking data over-night, please notify other users using a board near the entrance or/and using the email list ( or slack.
  • If the laser light is on and the room light is off, please do not turn the room light on. Someone may be taking a measurement.
  • If a malfunction of laser occurs, shut down the laser and contact the facility manager immediately. In case of any emergency, call 911.





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