Graphic illustrating IRG 2 research thrusts

IRG 2, Materials Driven by Light, addresses light-matter interactions that lead to material properties not accessible in equilibrium. Phases and ordered states accessed via light-induced perturbations to energy landscapes, topological material behavior enabled by optical excitation, and formation of exotic quantum phases are explored to provide new understanding of and control over optically responsive materials. Research advances in this IRG are expected to lead to new understanding of material behavior accessible and controllable using temporally structured light, with potential applications in a broad range of technologies for communications and information processing.

Deji Akinwande | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andrea Alu | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Seth Bank | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alexander Demkov | Physics
Gregory Fiete | Physics (IRG 2 Co-Leader)
Jean Anne Incorvia | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Junichiro Kono | Electrical & Computer Engineering - Rice University
Keji Lai | Physics
Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li | Physics (IRG 2 Co-Leader)
Allan MacDonald | Physics
Chih-Kang Shih | Physics
Edward Yu | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jianshi Zhou | Mechanical Engineering